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About Dáanaa
Pronounced "Duh-On-ahh" (That's close anyway)

What is dáanaa? It is the ancient word for "trade". It can also mean "coin", "silver", or "money", but at it's most basic level, we are talking about trading things. Animals don't exchange (or trade) amongst one another. They are self-sufficient, or they take from each other, or they exercise the prerogative of superior strength and/or cunning. There are some human beings who get along in a very similar fashion, but the overwhelming majority recognise the benefits of voluntary exchange. Strictly speaking, the use of the word "voluntary" in this context is redundant. The phrase "your money or your life" is not the precursor to an exchange, whether the person uttering it brandishes a gun or a government identity card.

The first rule of any voluntary exchange is simplicity itself. If two people are willing to exchange, each must view the results of the exchange as being beneficial. If either of them are not of that view, the exchange will not take place.

Direct exchange, or barter, is exactly that - one person's goods or services for another's goods or services. The problem is that one might want what the other has to offer, but the reverse may not be true. With no "medium" of exchange, there is no deal. Indirect exchange takes place when one party has a "medium" that is always acceptable, not for what it is, but for what can be done with it. If someone offers you money, you will accept it, because you know that you can exchange it for what you want, whenever you want it.

In short, dáanaa is a medium of barter. It is the currency of New Guinea.

One dáanaa = 1 grain of silver.

Information about silver prices:
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