About Dáanaa

New Guinean Citizenship, and the Right to use Dáanaa

"Dáanaa" are tokens and/or barter scrip.
Each Dáanaa is a token representing contractual permission from the Nation of New Guinea to access features of our nation. Dáanaa is available for Purchase or distribution at the Nation of New Guinea's discretion, and are not necessarily redeemable for any international monetary value from the Nation of New Guinea. Those exchanges are set by treaties with the participating nation. If there is no treaty, there can be no guarantee, Dáanaa is available for use by citizens of New Guinea ONLY, and thus falls under New Guinean law. The citizen of New Guinea acknowledges this and by using Dáanaa, agrees to this.

The Nation of New Guinea may or may not charge fees to acquire or use Dáanaa, and these fees may change at any time.

When you acquire Dáanaa, the Nation of New Guinea hereby grants you a limited license ("Dáanaa License") to use the Dáanaa as a token to be held, bartered, traded and/or transferred in New Guinea with other Citizens (and/or the Nation of New Guinea), in exchange for permission to access and use content, applications, services, and various citizen owned goods and services, in accordance with New Guinea Law. The Dáanaa License is transferable by the holder to any other Citizen, provided that both Citizens comply with New Guinea Law. Except as expressly permitted by our laws or otherwise expressly permitted by the Nation of New Guinea, and you agree that any attempted disposition in violation of New Guinea Law is null and void. The Nation of New Guinea may revoke the Dáanaa License and citizenship at any time without notice, refund or compensation in the event that: (i) the Dáanaa program is suspended or discontinued; (ii) the Nation of New Guinea determines that fraud or other illegal conduct is associated with the citizen; (iii) the Nation of New Guinea imposes an expiration date on usage of Dáanaa; (iv) the citizen's status is terminated for violation of New Guinea Law.

You agree that the Nation of New Guinea has the right to manage, regulate, control, and/or modify the license rights underlying such Dáanaa as it sees fit and that the Nation of New Guinea will have no liability to you based on its exercise of this right. the Nation of New Guinea makes no guarantee as to the nature, quality or value of the features of the Service that will be accessible through the use of Dáanaa, or the availability or supply of Dáanaa, and that the use of Dáanaa is a privilege of New Guinea, by New Guinea , and for New Guinea, completely separate and apart from any outside government..

New Guinea offers Dáanaa exchange, called the Dáanaa Market and the New Guinea Trading Post, for the trading of Dáanaa, which uses the facilitates the transfer of Dáanaa Licenses.

The Services include a component called the "Bank of New Guinea" or the "BNG," through which the Nation of New Guinea permits transactions in which Citizens may exchange their Dáanaa with one another. The Service includes other, similar Dáanaa exchange sites and methods, which may include various currency exchanges, and the Service may from time to time include other, similar methods or sites on which Dáanaa may be exchanged (referred to collectively as the "BNG" or "BNG exchanges"). You acknowledge that the BNG has been created to enable Citizens of New Guinea to enhance their experience using the Service with the ability to transfer license rights to other Citizens of the Service, and thus also falls under New Guinea Law.

You acknowledge that the Nation of New Guinea may deny any exchange individually or with respect to general volume, price or other limitations set by the Nation of New Guinea. The Nation of New Guinea may halt, suspend, discontinue, or reverse any Dáanaa transaction (whether proposed, pending or past) in cases of actual or suspected fraud, violations of other laws or regulations, or deliberate disruptions to or interference with the Service.

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