Our Declaration

Written by New Guinea Patriots

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Unilateral Declaration of
Sovereign Independence of the Nation of New Guinea.

What follows is the truth, self evident and known to all by our very nature as human beings, that all people are created equal with equal possibilities in life, and that there are certain unalienable rights given by God, who created us all. These unalienable rights are a right to have Life, a right to Express ourselves, a right to Persue happiness, and above all, a right to Freedom, as has been said so many times in so many other noble and similar declarations. We hold the right to self-determination which we have held since time immemorial, and was given life in 1983, expression in 1997, and happiness in 2006, but until today freedom, true freedom, remained elusive, for we had never declared it.

Therefore in an effort to preserve and defend our rights and to pass to our offspring and descendants the truth, heritage, culture, sovereignty, liberty and independence of our people we do declare this 1st day of February in the year of our Lord 2007 AD our independence from the established order of the world and hearby retake our place among the nations of the world as the Nation of New Guinea.

With this Declaration, we the free inhabitants of the area known as "The Unorganized Bureau" in the State of Alaska, lay claim to our territory and re-establish our sovereign place among the nations of the world.

With this Declaration we seek to live in peace with all of our neighbors and blood kindred of mankind here on the planet Earth. We seek in no way to disrupt the established order of the State of Alaska, Canada, or the United States of America. We ask only to be left alone, and be allowed to live our lives in peace. With this Declaration we seek to establish our claim to our liberty, sovereignty, heritage and independence and provide a place that is a home for all free peoples who have been left out of the established order of recognized states, tribal nations, and imposed nations and states. We also welcome those who espouse our ideals, values, heritage and culture to join our nation and tribe and establish for themselves a home within it.

We lay claim to our sovereignty through the 9th and 10th Amendments of the U.S. Constitution, through the recognition given to native peoples through treaties written throughout the history of the United States as well as before it came into existance, also through the United Nations Declaration of the Rights of Indigenous Peoples and through the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights as well as the Montevideo Convention on the Composition of Legal International States.

Having made these Declarations, it is our hope that these declarations will be recognized and respected by the entities named within.

Tomoko Takisaki
Caesar Coligniero
Lord Archangel
Sharon Leme
Durwell D. Denieth
Lady Diamond
Lord Hybrodon
Laura Oates
Findar Patel
Alfa Duerra
Lynn Firerose

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