New Guinea Ministry of Defense

"Standing strong and ready to guard and protect"

Established 1983


The mission of the Ministry of Defense is to develop defense policy, conduct the building and development of the Nation's various defense forces, aquire military hardware, discover military risks and threats, as well as the needs of the national defense system to protect the security of state. The Ministry of Defense exercises authority, direction and control over the main public defense sector and executes political and military management of the Nation's various defense forces. In case of emergency, siege or war, the Ministry of Defense, as a Government agency, takes all the necessary political, legislative, technical-material, financial and social measures of protection of staff fulfilling military tasks set by New Guinea's First Citizen.


Minister of Defense

TejasDragon was appointed to the position by First Citizen Archangel for her long reaching and continuing efforts in organizing the Royal Fleet, Royal Commandos, Royal Brigades, Royal Constables, Royal Restricted Services, and the Royal Air Legions. She is also the designer of the New Guinea tartan, tho she does not wear it herself, preferring the tartan of clan Gunn.


TejasDragon is of Scot-Irish descent, with Native American blood. She is a Lady of Lochaber Scotland. TejasDragon is qualified to wear four different tartans.

1. The tartan of New Guinea, as she is the highest ranking female of the Noble Family.
2. The tartan of Clan Gunn, as she is a member two ways, via both maternal and paternal lineages, (known as a double barrel shot Gunn among Gunns)
3. The tartan of the Highland Halberds, via her maternal line.
4. The tartan of Lochaber Scotland, as she holds a title of nobility there. (Lady or "Laird")


The name TejasDragon means "Texas Dragon" from Spanish, and "freindship" Wacoan Indian. TejasDragon underwent a legal namechange, and is her actual name.


Organizational Structure

* The Minister of Defense
* The Defense Board and senior departmental committee
* The Secretary of the Royal Fleet
* The Secretary of the Royal Commandos
* The Secretary of the Royal Brigades
* The Secretary of the Royal Air Legions
* The Secretary of the Royal Constables
* The Secretary of the Royal Restricted Services

What we do

MOD's main responsibilites and organisations

* Develop Defense Policy
* Aquire military hardware
* Develop a Doctrine of Operations and Diplomacy
* Gather Equipment and Logistics Information on military equipment and how MOD agencies ensure quality, quantity and readiness for operations
* Defend the Sovereignty of the Nation of New Guinea


New Guinea Ministry of Defense
Defense Minister
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