New Guinea Ministry of Finance

"Providing for New Guinea's Future with Fidelity and Integrity"

Established 1983


The Mission of the Ministry of Finance is to create a better New Guinea through Finance. Under the Mission Statement, the emphasis of our regulatory policy is on development, rather than control. We aim to collaborate with merchants to give New Guinea a solid financial foundation. We actively review our rules to ensure they remain relevant to the business and financial environment. This is done in close consultation with merchants, traders and key stakeholders. In designing policies, we consider all viewpoints, but with priority given to New Guinea's long term interest. To establish New Guinea as a solid financial entity, we work to ensure comparability with international standards and best practices in accordance with traditional native principles.

Our Vision

A forward looking MOF that advances leading ideas, drives synergies across government and ensures fiscal prudence.

Our Strategic Outcomes

Sound Public Finances

Optimally Managed Reserves
"Managing our reserves to balance the present and future financial needs of New Guinea"

Fiscal Sustainability
"Ensuring government's fiscal sustainability in the medium to long term"

Opportunity for All

Pro-growth Fiscal System
"providing avenues of expansion for those who desire them."

Pro-Community Fiscal System
"Creating opportunities for a better life for all and build a strong community"

Conducive Business Environment
"Facilitate growth of businesses where desired and nurture an entrepreneurial environment"

Expand International Economic Space
"Increase Global opportunities for New Guinea's larger businesses"

High Performance Government

Effective and Efficient Use of Resources
"Allocating government resources to achieve Whole-Of-Government objectives and achieving maximal outcome with available resources"

Accountability for Performance
"Ensuring that government agencies are held accountable for the use of their resources"

Integrated Government
"Achieve service-wide synergies in policies, programmes, processes and systems"

Government in Time for the Future
"Anticipating future challenges and opportunities for the Whole-Of-Government and the nation"

Traditional Government
"Remembering the ancient ways of the people in all things that we do"


New Guinea Ministry of Finance
Finance Minister
Durwell D. Denieth
1 - 641 - 715 - 3900 ex.994747#

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