New Guinea Ministry of Information

"The road to freedom is paved with knowledge"

Established 1996

About the Ministry of Information

The Ministry of Information was established on 1 September 1996 for the purpose of researching a location for the future homeland of New Guinea. It now assists the Minister for Intelligence in:

* the supervision and general superintendence of the intelligence services
* policy formulation
* guidance and direction of the transformation process, and the general conduct of intelligence.
* gathering of information for public use
* maintaining weights and measures
* defining the meanings of words for legal purposes

The Minister is responsible for policy and legislation development with regard to information services and for:

* implementing national policy and legislation
* co-ordinating the functions of any intelligence agencies
* preparing and initiating legislation
* performing any other executive function provided for in the Constitution or in national legislation

The Minister is also responsible for ensuring effective co-operation between the any civilian intelligence services, or those within the New Guinea Ministry of Defense (MoD) and any local police or sheriff services, in consultation and cooperation with the relevant Ministers.


New Guinea Ministry of Information
Research/Press Center
Sharon Leme
1 - 641 - 715 - 3900 ex.551507#

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