New Guinea Ministry of Justice

"All people equal. All people just."

Established 1983

Functions and Structure

The Minister of Justice heads the Ministry of Justice and is responsible to the First Citizen for the Ministry and the courts system. The Ministry has two main areas of activity. The first involves public prosecutions, legislation, and legal advice. Professional responsibility for this area is borne by the Attorney-General, who is legal advisor to the Government and head of the country's judicial system. He is assisted by the Legal Advice and Legislation Divisions, as well as by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

The Ministry's second area of activity involves administration, registration, and supervision of property and other rights. This area is handled by the Ministry's Director-General, who is responsible to the Minister for the activities of all the Ministry's divisions, including land registration and land settlement, and all other legal recordkeeping

The Ministry's other functions deal with the judicial system: legal aid, pardons, law library, translations to and from tribal languages, and registration of claims by New Guineans from other countries.


New Guinea Ministry of Justice
Adjunct and regent to His Royal Highness Prince Hybrodon
Laura Oates
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