New Guinea Ministry of Public Services

"Serving New Guinea and its Citizens"

Established 1983


The New Guinea Public Services plays a vital role in the lives of New Guineans and in providing a good future for New Guinea. Public Services officers provide a functional and workable living environment, maintain our online presence, and assist citizens of New Guinea whenever required. Together with the community, the Ministry of Public Services creates dwellings and infrastructure, and helps to meet the social needs of our people.

Good governance is the hallmark of the New Guinea Ministry of Public Services. We regard good governance as both sound policy-making as well as implementation, because policies are only as good as their execution. Good governance is about developing the systems, policies and conditions that create opportunity, build community, and foster a sense of identity amongst the New Guinea people.

In the face of global change, uncertainty and complexity, the Ministry of Public Services provides a bold and entrepreneurial approach. We look for strategic innovation and gamechangers that will propel New Guinea forward towards its desired future.

We develop our own capabilities in governance, recognize and seize opportunities early in order to have initiative. Good governance for the future will require traditional capabilities such as the tribal ways, and proud leadership and innovation.


New Guinea Ministry of Public Services
Adjunct and Regent to Her Royal Highness Princess Diamond
Tanya Wineknott

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