Before They Were Famous 1
Jerry Seinfelds unique delivery and knack for making every audience laugh catapulted him to becoming the successful actor, writer, producer and comedian that he is today. Settle in for some special bonus sets from fellow television and film stars Jason Alexander, Tim Allen, Paul Reiser, Kevin James, Kelsey Grammer and Ellen DeGeneres.

Cold Fire 3
PART 3 of 5: A complete series of videos by Nutnfancy and friend chronicling firemaking in cold and snowy conditions using backpacking equipment only.

Bram Stokers Dracula
Gary Oldman and Winona Ryder star in the tortured tale of a charismatic vampire, based on the tale of the Prince of Darkness.

Gold Rush Music
years after the stampede thru Skagway&Dyae Alaska some songs&photos...A song about the gold rush town of Dyae, and another of the gold rush town of Skagway, One about The Chilkoot Trail and one about the White Pass and Tormented Valley. And also one about the Cruise Ship visitor who wanted to stay.

Bug-out Bag 2
Part 2: This 2 part series will show, discuss and display the items that may be kept in a Survival Backpack. You may call it a BOB (bug out bag), GHB (get home bag), 72 hour kit, or any other name. Basically this is a ready to go system that is made up of smaller kits that can help someone to survive away from home, and ideally in the wilderness.

Sector 9: Second Nature
an exploration of the abstract and the extreme, Second Nature is an examination of the natural boundaries of the human body. Noah Sakamoto, Patrick Rizzo and J.M. Duran star as the test subjects as they wield skateboards and blue suits to race down the roads of the High Sierras in California.

Inuit Sculpture
This documentary shows the inspiration behind Inuit sculpture. The Inuit approach to the work is to release the image the artist sees imprisoned in the rough stone. The film centres on an old legend about the carving of the image of a sea spirit to bring food to a hungry camp.

North Pole Dogsled and Ski Expedition
This vintage footage is from the 1993 North Pole Dogsled and Ski Expedition. The expedition covered the last 2 degrees of latitude to the North Pole, following in the footsteps of Robert Pearys famous 1909 "Final Dash to the Pole". Join Polar Explorers on this wonderful armchair expedition.

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