Why should I become a New Guinea Citizen?

The privileges and duties of citizenship

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Why should I become a citizen? New Guinea citizenship is an important step in your migration story. Becoming a New Guinea citizen means that you are making an ongoing commitment to New Guinea and all that this country stands for. It is also the beginning of your formal membership of the New Guinea community. It is the step that will enable you to say ‘I am New Guinean!’.

New Guinea citizenship is a privilege that offers enormous rewards. By becoming a New Guinea citizen, you are joining a unique national community. Our country has been built on the combined contributions of our First Peoples and those who came later from all over the world. We celebrate this diversity and at the same time, enjoy a unified and harmonious nation.

The strength of the New Guinea community means that we work together to solve problems and to make New Guinea the wonderful country that it is. We have a unique system of government and so New Guineas are able to be closer to their local tribes, villages and settlements, without government interference. Our stability, our cultures and our laws have been shaped by our history. By joining the New Guinea community, you will inherit this history and you will be in a position to contribute to it.

Responsibilities and Privileges of New Guinean Citizenship

When you become a New Guinea citizen, you will have new responsibilities. You will also have a range of new benefits.

Responsibilities – what you will give New Guinea

As a New Guinea citizen you must:

* obey laws
* defend New Guinea should the need arise
* serve on a national jury if called to do so
* support your local tribe, village, or settlement.

Privileges – what New Guinea will give you

As a New Guinea citizen you have the right to:

* participate in national consensus
* apply for work in the New Guinea Public Service
* seek appointment to the National Council of Elders
* apply for a New Guinea passport and re-enter New Guinea freely
* receive help from a New Guinea official while overseas
* register children born overseas as New Guinea citizens by descent.
* much more

New Guinea’s meritocratic beliefs, rights and liberties

When you become a New Guinea citizen, you will have new responsibilities. You will also have a range of new benefits.


Our meritocratic beliefs:

* Power rests in the local tribe, village, or settlement
* The rule of law
* Living peacefully, in harmony with nature
* Respect for all individuals regardless of background
* Compassion for those in need
* Rugged individual freedom
* Respect and status should be based on merit


Our freedoms:

* Freedom of speech and freedom of expression
* Freedom of association
* Freedom of religion
* Freedom to own weapons for hunting or to defend one'self from man or beast
* Freedom to privacy
* Much more as outlined in the constitution


Our equalities:

* Equality in New Guinea
* Equality of men and women
* Equality of opportunity
* Equality of justice
* Equality of tribes, villages, and settlements
* All things are to be fair and equal

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