New Guinea Passport Center

Thank you for your interest in the New Guinea Passport Center. Although this area is still under construction, basic information is already provided for your use. Please return to this page often, as there will be new content regularly until finished.

Our toll-free number

Please feel free to call the New Guinea Passport Center at any time with your questions at 1-800-350-0836. Our knowledgable staff is waiting to serve all of New Guinea's citizens.

Our Email Address
Please use this Email address at this time for General Questions (If you have basic questions about who we are and what we do, our mission, or the types of materials we provide. Please also use this email for Customer Service (for example, if you need us to look up a passport order), please include your name and National ID number if you have one. Finally, please use this email for anything that is Web Site Related. Report any problems or suggestions for this site, for questions of a technical nature, or to report problems with the navigation, function, or connectivity of this NGPC webpage.

Our Postal Address

There is no postal service to Roundpond Settlement. However, mail sent to the New Guinea Embassy will be placed on a regular supply plane and entered into New Guinea's postal system. Please address all such correspondence to:

New Guinea Passport Center
c/o New Guinea Consulate in Soldatna
35555 Kenai Spur Highway #245
Soldotna, Alaska

Passport Application

FIRST: Pay your passport fee here:
THEN: All passports must be processed with a complete and accurate passort application. Please click HERE for an electronic copy of the New Guinea Passport Application. It comes with four pages of instructions and may be printed out, completed, and remitted to the address or email above. Additionally, you may request that a printed copy be sent to you.

About the New Guinea Passport Center

The New Guinea Passport Center is a department within the New Guinea Ministry of Public Services. The New Guinea Public Services plays a vital role in the lives of New Guineans and in providing a good future for New Guinea. Public Services officers provide a functional and workable living environment, maintain our online presence, and assist citizens of New Guinea whenever required. Good governance is the hallmark of the New Guinea Ministry of Public Services. We regard good governance as both sound policy-making as well as implementation, because policies are only as good as their execution. Good governance is about developing the systems, policies and conditions that create opportunity, build community, and foster a sense of identity amongst the New Guinea people. Passports, and passport cards, are the first step in literally creating that identity.

Where can I find more information?

Contact us! You may also find what you are looking for, in the FAQ at

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